Laredo families who prefer cremation can count on Fred Dickey Funeral & Cremation Services to treat their loved ones with dignity and respect. Our entire staff has signed a Cremation Code of Ethics document to maintain the highest of standards.

Cremation with Confidence™

We are the only cremation provider in Laredo who can offer you the Cremation with Confidence™ guarantee, with our exclusive 10-step identification process. We were the first, and are also one of the only funeral homes in the area who own and operate a private crematory, ensuring your loved one will never leave our excellent care. Our state-of-the-art equipment, housed in our clean and secure facility, is kept in pristine condition and is open for your inspection at any time.

Every cremation is performed by a CANA-certified operator committed to upholding our high standards. We assure you only one loved one is cremated at a time, and two staff members are present for every cremation. Contact us anytime to schedule a tour of our cremation facility.

Many Choices

Some people have the misconception that choosing cremation limits you, but you can still have a traditional service. We help families choose among the many loving tributes that can accompany the cremation process. We can help you plan a memorial after the cremation, a full funeral service with visitation prior to the cremation, and even a reception. We’ll handle all of the details.