The experienced team at Fred Dickey Funeral & Cremation Services can help you understand all your options, so you can choose one that reflects your preferences, traditions, and budget.

Traditional Burial

As a form of final farewell, traditional burial offers many beautiful choices of tribute. You might select a memorial service in one of our chapels or a more intimate gathering of close friends and family.

Other choices include a graveside service, viewing, prayer service, and special touches that make the tribute more personal and meaningful. Please ask us to explain the traditional and contemporary ways to honor your loved one.

We can also offer your family the use of our limo. While having transportation prearranged offers convenience, more importantly, it gives your family extra time to be together, talk, and listen to each other between the service and the burial.


You might preserve cremated remains in a beautiful ceramic urn, a piece of keepsakes jewelry, or in a carved box made of precious wood. Some choose to scatter remains in a place of special meaning or place them in a columbarium niche. Consult with us, and we’ll explain all of your options.