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Why Preplan?

The reasons to preplan your funeral are almost too numerous to mention. But let’s begin with this thought: we plan for every important event in our lives. Weddings. Our children’s education. Retirement. Considering that, it certainly makes sense to plan for life’s last event.

Protect your family from the stress of having to guess what you “would have wanted.” Shield them from trying to make complex decisions during a time of sorrow. And make sure they won’t have to deal with unexpected expenses at the worst possible time.

Preplanning is easy, and it doesn’t take much time. Please call us, or consult our preplanning checklist pages.

Planning Ahead

Now that you’ve decided to protect your family by preplanning your funeral, we’d like to suggest that you consult with us at Fred Dickey Funeral Home and Cremation Services. Quite simply, we offer the finest, most personal, most caring funeral and cremation services in the Laredo area.

Just make an appointment and come in. We’ll explain how to plan your funeral, the advantages of prepaid funeral or cremation costs, and how planning now will avoid stress on your family later.

The best time to preplan your funeral is now. Call us at your earliest convenience.